Friday, January 15, 2016

Fairy Drops

Mascara is that one thing that never works for me. My eyelashes grow straight down and despite using eyelash curlers and expensive mascaras, they still won't be as curled or long as I want them to be. One day last month, I went to a random drugstore in Beppu Station and discovered mascara called "Fairy Drops" and the girl in the picture had mile long, high volume, super awesome lashes. At first, I thought that this is just another one of those marketing scams, but being the curious girl that I am, I just decided to try it out. 

When I opened the tester mascara, I was shocked to see the wand. There are three "balls" on a "curve" (I guess that's the best way to describe it) and it looks like it could just torture your eyes when you accidentally sneeze and poke your eyes with that thing. I tried it anyway and I was very, very pleasantly surprised with the result! My lashes became much more voluminous, long and visible without any eyelash curlers! This is definitely going to be my holy grail mascara and I totally recommend it to everyone who needs a lot more help with their lashes. The price isn't cheap, but it isn't expensive either, so it's definitely still affordable, even with my waitress part time job money. It was around 2,500 yen (or USD 25) in Beppu Station's drugstore.

Please ignore my under eye circles as I haven't had enough sleep for 2 weeks. Preparations for the business competition and exams really take a lot out of you. 

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