Monday, February 8, 2016

Recent Favorites

Since the Spring Breaks have begun, I have recently been trying, watching and eating a lot of different things. The thing that I've been super obsessed with lately is a Japanese animation (anime) called "Hataraku Maou Sama" which literally means "The Demon Lord is Working (Part-Time)" in English. It's an action-comedy-fantasy anime with a touch of romance. Definitely my cup of tea. Basically, it's a story about a demon lord named "Maou Sadaou" and his subordinate named "Ashiya Shirou" who had to retreat to Earth, specifically Japan, because they lost a battle against the Hero, Emilia "Yusa Emi" back in their own world Ente Isla. Without any money or knowledge of our world, Maou and Ashiya stumbled around in Tokyo and were finally taken to a police station, as the policemen wanted to assist the "Foreigners". In the end, they finally got an idea of what was going on and decided to live in a 1K (one room, one kitchen, one bathroom) apartment, and Maou tries to earn money for their living expenses by working at MagRonald (if you didn't realize, it's McDonald's without copyright infringement). It's hilarious to see the ruler of the netherworld trying earn money and live in a small apartment in Japan (just like me!). If you're a college student, living alone in another country, you'd definitely relate to this fun, 13 episodes anime! 

As far as beauty routines go, I still stick with my usual products, but I have been obsessed with the new Maybelline Dream Whip foundation (which is something that might only be available in Japan). It feels moisturizing at first, but it turns matte after a few minutes. The cover power is pretty good and it's available in 6 different colors (which is rare in Japan, because the Japanese rarely have tanned skin).

My last favorite is the Royce Chocolate Ice Cream! It's absolutely perfect! I love how it's not so sweet and that there's an unexpected chocolate sauce inside! Originally, I thought that it's way too overrated - I mean, it's just an ice cream right? - but it's probably one of the best ice creams (that is available in the convenience stores) ever!

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Show Stoppers

Before anything, I apologize profusely for not posting anything the past 2 weeks! I have been very busy with finals and I'm finally done with exams for this semester! 

Anyway, I'm already at that age when I see engagement pictures and wedding invitations from my upperclassmen, and so this got me thinking about my plans for the future. From the academic side of things, I am going to be a Professor's Assistant for accounting classes, and so, I'm planning on (hopefully) studying from the basics again during the Spring break. I know that it sounds totally nerdy, but aside from wanting to completely and fully understand accounting and finance (which, as you may know, my major on campus), I also want to be a good role model and second teacher for my "students". I've also applied for a seminar class with one of the best accounting professors here in APU (let's keep our fingers crossed for the results) and I will be taking an internship program (hopefully) next year! But, on the relationship end of things, I still have yet to find "the right man" for me and so I'm still single. Single, but very happy!

I'm putting the horse before the carriage here, but I just saw the most beautiful wedding gowns from Haute Couture season! My favorites were the ones by Zuhair Murad and Elie Saab... 

I actually prefer simpler dresses for myself. I'd want to get married in a chapel on the sea with just my closest friends and family. Dinner would definitely be the best seafood. Yum.